Paula Davis-Laack is an internationally recognized burnout and resilience expert who has taught resilience skills to thousands of professionals around the world.  Her unique blend of research, personal experience, energy, and stories makes her speaking and teaching engaging and inspiring.

Whether delivering a keynote, teaching a class on burnout prevention and resilience, or leading a workshop, Paula shares her personal story, her career history, and relevant research, tips and advice so that audiences are left with meaningful action steps to prevent burnout, build resilience, and create stronger, happier, and healthier lives.

For specific client testimonials and success stories relating to our speaking engagements, please read about our Client Success Stories.  More information about our speaking topics is below.

But first, a note from Paula…

I love speaking to and teaching others.  I had to take a career detour through the legal profession in order to realize that teaching others and learning about their stories has always been where my heart lies.  My goal is that you walk away feeling like you’ve learned something from a good friend who tells it like it is.

Attorney and practice group chair, Cindy Walden, talks about the benefits of Paula’s resilience program!

Paula’s diverse client list includes:

  • National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF)
  • Massachusetts Conference for Women
  • Pennsylvania Conference for Women
  • Texas Conference for Women
  • Women’s Power Summit – Center for Women in the Law at the University of Texas-Austin
  • Entrepreneurs’ Organization (DC Chapter)
  • Wisconsin Nurses Association
  • Goodwin Procter LLP
  • Fish & Richardson, P.C.
  • Sigma-Aldrich
  • AWL (Association for Women Lawyers)
  • IPPA (International Positive Psychology Association)
  • PDC (Professional Development Consortium)
  • NALP (National Association of Legal Professionals)
  • SHRMM (Society for Human Resource Management – WI State Conference)
  • AFWA (Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance)
  • University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee,  School of Continuing Education
  • Davis & Kuelthau

Speaking Topics

Thriving at Work: Your Blueprint for Burnout Prevention

Burnout is a misunderstood illness, and Paula will share with you her story about burning out toward the end of her law career. She will also discuss the steps she took to recover and build the next phase of her life and career, which involved starting her own business training busy professionals, including drill sergeants in the U.S. Army, to build their resilience to stress.

Resilient & Ready: Building Your Capacity for Stress-Related Growth

One of the most important skills to develop in work and life today is the ability to adapt to and manage challenge, stress, and change. Resilience is made up of a bundle of different skills, which people can learn and improve. This program will give you the tools you need to increase your self-awareness, communicate more effectively with others, and build the strong relationships you need in order to withstand any challenge.

10 Things Mentally Strong People Do Differently

When the going gets tough and you’re under stress, does your thinking help you or does it get in the way?  Paula discusses the importance of developing mental strength, and why it’s the key not only to developing your resilience, but also to success both at home and at work.  Mentally strong people distinguish themselves in 10 key areas, which Paula will discuss.

8 Happiness Messages to Teach Women & Girls

Geared for women’s associations, groups, and initiatives, Paula brings her immensely popular article of the same name to life. Women’s happiness levels have been on the decline for the past few decades according to a 2009 study called The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness.  If that is the case, where is the next generation of women learning about happiness and how to live a meaningful and fulfilling life?  Using research from her studies at the University of Pennsylvania and her own experiences with burnout at the end of her law practice, Paula will share cutting-edge tools and stories to help the women in your organization increase productivity, happiness, and success in their daily lives.

Grit: Your Secret Success Strategy

Grit is defined as having passion (sustained interest) and perseverance (sustained effort) for long-term goals.  What are some of your long-term goals?   Maybe you want to lose weight, build a strong marriage, or develop a thriving career.  Succeeding at those goals requires a lot of determination, and it also requires grit.  The research on grit, as a predictor of success, is compelling:

Gritty students outperformed their less gritty peers, and grit scores are associated with higher GPA’s. In one study, grit was a more accurate predictor of whether an incoming cadet would finish his or her first summer of basic training at West Point; more so, in fact, than self-control, academic GPA, Military Performance Score, and West Point’s own Whole Candidate Score.  Grit also predicted those students who would advance into the later rounds of the Scripps National Spelling Bee. More recently, grit has been shown to predict the success of women lawyers in the country’s largest law firms.

Paula will discuss the different ingredients that build your grit and you will leave her presentation with your own Grit Plan!


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