Paula Davis-Laack is an internationally known stress and resilience expert whose mission is to help busy professionals manage their chronic stress and build strong, happy, and healthy lives. Paula combines the latest in resilience and well-being research with lessons learned from her personal experiences with chronic stress and burnout as a busy lawyer.

Her courses, speaking engagements, articles and training workshops are fun, informative, research-based and story-driven.

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Paula talks about a variety of topics, all focused on helping you and your employees build resilience to stress, manage challenge and change, prevent burnout, and increase productivity, happiness, and well being.

Whether you want a keynote speaker for your next event or are looking for a fresh take on a familiar topic, Paula can help. Please visit our Speaking page to learn more about our speaking topics.

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Resilience & Burnout Prevention Training and Workshops

Having trained nearly a thousand busy professionals in building the skills necessary to manage change and stress and build personal resilience, Paula will design a resilience training workshop for your company that will take your professionals to the next level.

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Paula is happy to serve as the stress, burnout, resilience, happiness, and positive psychology expert for television and radio projects.

To request Paula for an interview, please contact her at (414) 477-8697 or email her.