Addicted to Busy

Addicted to Busy


Being busy has become a badge of honor that is glorified in our culture, particularly at work. Busyness is equated with having intrinsic worth and value, but it can become toxic when it loses its purposefulness. This e-book talks about the factors that give rise to our “Addicted to Busy” culture, and how the stress associated with constantly doing can lead to burnout. In this e-book you will find:

  • The 3 dimensions of burnout and the burnout formula
  • Specific physical, psychological and behavioral warning signs of burnout
  • Your blueprint for burnout prevention – the framework to help you prevent burnout and to recover from it
  • More than 10 research-based skills to help you:

– Minimize perfectionism
– Build hope
– Outline your 6 sources of thriving
– Identify the mindsets that keep you stuck

And much more…
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