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Attorney and practice group chair, Cindy Walden, talks about the benefits of Paula’s resilience program!


“Thank you, Paula Davis-Laack, for speaking to our GE Healthcare Women’s Network about burnout prevention and resilience.  The buzz is still in the air from your discussion and the tips you shared with us on how to prevent it!  The discussion that Paula led on burnout and resilience was really impactful for me, first in recognizing the signs and causes and then her recommendations on very simple strategies for finding balance through resilience at home and at work.  As a working mother I walked away with an appreciation for why you need to take time and connect with others to find your resilience and succeed.”

Rebecca Dobrzynski, Global Organization & Talent Development Leader, GE Healthcare

“We hosted Paula at Harvard Law School for a workshop on burnout prevention, and we couldn’t have hosted a more engaging and timely event.  Paula tailored her presentation to law students and the challenges we face in school and will inevitably face as lawyers.  Paula is a knowledgeable speaker who really understood and connected with our audience.  The workshop was interactive, and I found the takeaways to be easy to translate to my own life.  I would highly recommend Paula’s workshops (and her work!) – she has been one of the most impactful speakers during my three years in law school.”

Natalie Vernon, Harvard Law School Women’s Law Association President

“I had the pleasure of virtually attending your Keynote session yesterday at the National Patient Safety Congress and I wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation.  Your presentation style was so engaging that the time just flew by.  By any measure it is very clear that you are an effective speaker and a passionate educator.”

Eric Ziarek, Wellness Program Manager, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

“Paula spoke to our lawyers and clients about burnout and building resiliency.  Her presentation was grounded in statistics, her compelling personal story, humor, and practicality.  She provided realistic strategies that can be used to restore energy and balance.  During the interactive portion of the event, the room positively buzzed with discussion.  A thumbs up!”

Sarah Fowles, Attorney and Co-Chair of the Quarles & Brady Women’s Forum

“Paula’s workshop was enlightening and powerful.  As a critical care nurse, I work in an environment that is intense every day.  I have the opportunity to provide care to incredibly sick patients and their families while providing support for the staff that are also providing that care.  I attended Paula’s presentation on “Bouncing Back from Burnout” and found it to be engaging and meaningful.  Through her guided activities, I was able to discover what burnout meant for me and create a plan to prevent burnout that will benefit me for a lifetime.  Having the ability to continue the work that I truly enjoy, while maintaining a passion for that work, is essential to me.  Paula’s workshop provided me with a boost of insight, support and strategies to keep me energized to do that work.  Thank you for sharing your time and expertise with the our chapter of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses and to help us continue to do the work that we have been called to do.”

Leslie Daugherty, BSN, RN, CCRN

“Paula, a note of appreciation for delivering such an engaging and relevant webinar presentation on Addicted to Busy: Your Blueprint for Burnout Prevention to the Women’s Alliance last week.  Your personal resilience from having experienced burnout was very compelling to our members.  You provided great insight on the key differences between burnout and depression.  I have personally started using your declarative statement of “If & Then” and find it helps me with willpower.  I look forward to more of your sessions in the future!”

Catherine Flett, TWA (The Women’s Alliance) Webinar Co-Chair

“Paula Davis-Laack is knowledgeable, engaging and genuine.  Paula presented her workshop “Building Resilience in the Law: The Science of Thriving during Stress and Adversity” to attorney managers at the State Public Defender’s Office.  Her workshop was very well-received and participants left with concrete tools and strategies to alleviate the mental and emotional strain they encounter day-to-day.  I would recommend Paula to any group looking to learn fresh, easy-to-apply approaches to living life in a more positive way.”

Gina Pruski, Director of Training and Development, WI State Public Defender’s Office

“Thank you so much for speaking at the APRN Forum Pharm Conference.  You were so well received and it was a powerful message that you brought.  As a registered nurse, clinical nurse specialist and Doctor of Nursing Practice, I have become an expert at providing health care for others.  The work that I most value is teaching and supporting people to make healthier choices in their day to day life.  Stress relief, self-care and learning to recognize the signs of exhaustion are part of what I do each day with the people I serve.  It was so enlightening to hear you speak and realize that the one person I wasn’t able to apply these skills with was myself!  Having the opportunity to become more aware will allow me to be a better care provider to those I serve.  I learned hands on methods to assess my environment and make changes, whether that be at work or at home.  I will be a better nurse, professor, partner and mother because of this awareness.”

Gina Bryan, DNP, APRN, PMHCNS-BC, Clinical Assistant Professor UW-Madison School of Nursing

“Paula was the keynote speaker at our annual LEAD (Leadership through Enrichment, Action & Diversity) event for women lawyers and clients.  Our focus for the event was the topic of resilience, and Paula truly set the tone for the day.  She had an unbelievable way of connecting with our group, and we appreciated hearing more about her story of bouncing back from burnout and building resilience.  I saw lots of heads nodding as she talked, and her message clearly resonated with our audience.  In addition, we left her presentation with practical skills that we could immediately use, and I personally participated in a demonstration of one skill that was the highlight of her talk.  I would gladly refer Paula to other groups in the future.”

Kathryn Castricone, Director Risk Management and Legal Compliance, Fish & Richardson, PC

“Thank you for speaking at our meeting last night – you were AMAZING!  Burnout is a topic that we all relate to, and your story really hit home with the women in our audience.  One member even commented that you were in the top 5 best speakers she’s heard in her 19 years with this organization.  We look forward to bringing you back!”

Renee Brooks, Vice President – Programs, Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance

“Paula spoke to our department about lawyer views, communication and coping skills.  Her presentation brought out some of the challenges that we face as lawyers in maintaining and building our mental armor.  We also took a hard look at our communication styles in the context of forming and preserving relationships.  For a number of us, the transfer of our professional negativity from our professional life into our personal relationships was startling.  Paula’s identification of these communication issues was extremely thought provoking.  I believe that our department benefitted both on an individual level and a group level from this presentation.  We really enjoyed the presentation and a number of us are using her ideas in everyday life.”

Joseph E. Tierney, Esq., Chair of the Real Estate Practice Team, Davis & Kuelthau

“I reached out to Paula to provide training for clinical faculty and students at UW-Madison Law School because colleagues and I thought it was crucial to foster a climate – in our clinics and across our law school – that supports self-care and resilience for future lawyers.  I found Paula’s concrete, evidence-based training to be eye opening, highly practical, and one of the most valuable trainings I have ever done.  It catalyzed a dialogue between faculty and students about how we can be part of the solution to reverse the trend of lawyer dissatisfaction and burnout.”

Sarah Davis – Clinical Associate Professor of Law

“Paula Davis-Laack and her colleagues, David Shearon and Dr. Larry Richard, presented a one-day workshop to our firm entitled, “Building Resilience: The Science of Thriving in a Turbulent Time.”  In attendance were approximately 45 C-suite executives, senior staff, directors, and middle managers.  To say the program was well received is an understatement.  Not only were the skills interesting, but they were also all backed by science, which was an important factor for our firm.  Even more important, we were able to leave the workshop being able to immediately implement new skills, which we have since done.  Participants have continued to discuss ways to expand this program within the firm, with one participant writing, “I want to do this workshop again and again and again.”  I can’t say enough good things about Paula, David, and Larry.  They are an invaluable resource to law firms and the legal profession.  We continue to have dialogue and look forward to expanding this work within our firm.” 

Richard L. Fluri, Chief Administrative Officer, Drinker Biddle and Reath LLP

“Every September when students start their course-load along with their clinical duties, one can feel the stress and tension in the building amplify.  Thanks in large part to the information and examples you shared with us, from this year forward we will have more tools to help students learn and develop a practice of resilience.”  

Mitch, Clinical Director, Neighborhood Law Clinic and Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Wisconsin – Madison Law School

“I just wanted to take a moment to send you a note of thank for coming to talk to our new partners about stress and resilience. The candor of your discussion, coupled with the practicality of your advice, made a strong impression on our participants, and I believe could make a real difference for them going forward.”

Michael R. Estell, Senior Talent Development Consultant, K&L Gates LLP

“I wanted to connect to say how much I enjoyed your presentation [on resilience] to the National GC group in Toronto last week. I have heard so many speakers over 20 years; most of them on this topic annoy me or depress me, or anger me for trite or pat solutions that ignore realities. Or worse, overwhelm me! For all kinds of reasons, your presentation (oral and slides) had a much different impact on me. Thank you!”

Jane Langford, VP – Legal (Corporate Office & Corporate Operations), TD Bank Group

“Paula was the keynote speaker and led a breakout session at Holland & Hart’s Women’s Forum retreat. She focused on what resilient lawyers do differently to deal with changes and challenges of every type – from day-to-day occurrences to shifts in the legal industry. We received very positive feedback from our attendees, many of whom spoke about Paula’s energy and enthusiasm and their appreciation for her practical advice. Paula’s stories from her time as a practicing attorney were both humorous and relatable. It’s hard to find speakers who understand the life of a female attorney in private practice, so we were very fortunate to have found Paula.”

Leslie S. Boyle, Partner, Holland & Hard LLP
“I have thought about a number of things from your session – I have changed my password! – and have reflected on how the accumulation of the little things can really undermine my ability to cope, or bounce back, and how important it is to think about how to rethink the little things! Your work matters! You make the world a better place!”

Bindu Cudjoe, Vice President, Deputy General Counsel & Chief Knowledge Officer, BMO Financial Group

“Paula was one of the speakers at our Women General Counsel Canada 2018 National Conference. Her presentation on resilience for lawyers won rave reviews from our conference attendees. She was engaging and informative and her presentation provoked lively discussion and solid takeaways.”

Hilda Wong, Senior Vice President & General Counsel, First National Financial LP


This is a sampling of the feedback Paula has received from diverse audience groups:

“The best course I’ve taken in 4 years.”  Participant at ASQ (American Society for Quality) burnout workshop

“Tons of lightbulbs went on – one of the best courses I’ve attended.”  Participant at ASQ burnout workshop

“Now, if only Paula could hold my hand through the rest of my life.”  Participant at UW-Milwaukee School of Continuing Ed course on burnout for human services professionals

“We need to expand this program with this core group of managers and leaders.” C-suite manager at a large law firm who participated in a resilience training program

“I want to do this workshop again and again and again.”  C-suite manager at a large law firm who participated in a resilience training program

“Ms. Davis-Laack’s presentation was one of the most valuable classes I have been apart of in my three years at law school (and also possibly my four years of undergrad).” 3rd year law student who took the resilience training workshop

“Among the highest quality CLE credits I’ve ever earned.” Attended at ALI-CLE webinar on resilience

“I want to thank you very much for speaking at our event.  Your messages on resilience were very helpful and something that people really need to hear.  I have implemented your suggestion to jot down what went right each day and it brings a smile to my face.  I had the opportunity to practice Active Constructive Responding several times during the week and it went very well!  I am more aware of how I am responding so hopefully I can catch myself when I fall into the other response patterns.”  Nancy Horwath, PMP, ITIL, who attended a resilience workshop


Please contact Paula if you’re interested in learning more!  You can find additional information on her programs at her speaking and workshops website pages as well.