• You feel emotionally drained from your work most days.
  • You’re having a hard time effectively solving the problems that arise at work or at home.
  • You’ve become less enthusiastic about things at work/home
  • You’ve lost confidence
  • You’ve disconnected from (or never really understood) what gets you excited, passionate and motivated in life
  • Your health isn’t the same – you’re noticing more headaches, stomach issues, weight gain or loss, unhealthy eating habits, heart palpitations, panic attacks, or feeling like you’re just stressed out.

If this sounds like you might be burning out. The good news is that WE CAN HELP!

One of the most important skills to develop in work and life today is the ability to adapt to and manage challenge, stress, and change. Paula Davis-Laack has developed a unique niche that helps people implement the science of resilience and an evidence-based approach to burnout prevention and stress management to help her clients build strong, happy, and healthy lives. Five decades of research in this area shows that resilience is a bundle of skills that can be taught, learned and improved.

Paula is all too familiar with the effects of burnout, having gone through it during the last year of her law practice;  a year she spent feeling exhausted, disengaged from her work and family, experiencing weekly panic attacks, and so sick she ended up in the ER three times.

Paula has taught burnout prevention, stress management, and resilience skills to thousands of professionals including teachers, lawyers, managers, engineers, and military personnel around the world.

Are you next?

Paula’s Approach to Coaching

Paula’s coaching style is a unique blend of teaching and coaching, and it’s all research-based. It’s like pulling up a chair with your best friend to discuss what’s going on in life.  You’ll learn more about yourself than ever before because this stuff isn’t taught at school or at work!

Coaching Outcomes for Burnout Prevention & Resilience Coaching

During our time together, we will start by assessing your personal burnout level and then we will focus on building your very own Burnout Prevention Blueprint.  We will explore some or all of the following areas (and we have research-based strategies to build each component):

1.  How to manage your energy, not your time

2.  Clearing the mental clutter so that you can develop mental toughness and FAT thinking (flexible, accurate, and thorough)

3.  Letting go of perfection

4.  Building success when you’re stressed out (part of this involves exploring the upside of stress – how to make stress your friend since it isn’t going away)

5.  How to stay engaged and motivated at work

6.  Develop self-efficacy and add grit and hope to your goals

7.  Establishing high-quality relationships with your colleagues and family members

Time Commitment

Your sessions will be 1 hour in length and take place every other week by phone or Skype. Paula requires at least three months of commitment to coaching in order to maximize effectiveness.

Since coaching works best when the fit is right between the coach and client, I offer one complimentary 30-minute session to explain my philosophy, give you an overview of this course, and assess your goals and whether this program will help you achieve the outcomes you want.



Grit is perseverance infused with enthusiasm and passion for achieving a long-term goal.  This coaching package includes 3 calls where we’ll discuss your long-term goal and then develop the 3 techniques that will help you build grit.

CALL 1:  GROWTH MINDSET:  Mindsets are your beliefs about yourself and your most basic abilities.  Am I smart?  Am I athletic?  Am I creative?  People with a growth mindset believe that their abilities are malleable and can be developed.  You’ll learn the 5 research-based strategies for developing more of a growth mindset.  You’ll also learn your Mindset Score.

CALL 2:  WILLPOWER:  Willpower is the ability to make choices that are consistent with your biggest goals and values even when part of you doesn’t want to or wants to do something else.  Three strengths need to be working together in order to achieve willpower.  You’ll discover what these are and then practice your own Willpower Workouts, designed to build your self-control.

CALL 3:  REALISTIC OPTIMISM:  Being able to interpret the causes of challenge and adversity in a specific way leads to resilience.  Having an optimistic explanatory style has been shown to be associated with grit.  You’ll learn the 3 components of optimistic explanatory style along with 4 strategies to reframe your counterproductive thinking.  You will also learn how much of an optimistic or pessimistic thinker you are by taking the Optimism Test on the University of Pennsylvania’s research website.


This is a Power Hour call because you will learn about Job Crafting in just one, 1-hour coaching call.  This skill was developed by researchers at the University of Michigan, Center for Positive Organizations, and it allows you to shape your job to better fit your values, strengths, and talents.  Studies show that job crafting is a skill that helps prevent burnout and builds engagement at work.  The cost includes your own Job Crafting packet which contains all of the materials you will need to create a full size diagram showing your re-crafted job.

What Clients are Saying

“Paula helped me learn and practice research-based resilience skills, which I use in both my personal and professional lives to:  more easily handle stressful moments in important relationships; break through thinking that keeps me feeling stuck in certain situations; make tough decisions; and turn feelings of frustration, anger, or helplessness into productive action.  Paula is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and delightful to work with.  Thanks Paula!”  Jane Anderson, consultant, coach, and facilitator

“You were a game changer for me.  Thank you so much!”  M.K., attorney; general counsel


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