Burnout Prevention

Employees who are burned out are less productive, more disengaged, absent from work more frequently, make more errors, and are less healthy. The result is more turnover, higher health insurance costs, malpractice risk, and a hit to the bottom line. Our research-based burnout prevention programs help reduce these costs.



Resilient organizations have 4 key traits: 1. They develop excess capacity; 2. They promote the psychological health of their employees; 3. They are flexible and willing to try new approaches; and 4. They support a culture of trust. As the business environment becomes more complex, leaders must develop their resilience in order to succeed. We can help!


Training & Workshops

Our burnout prevention and resilience training programs have been field-tested by thousands of professionals from drill sergeants and soldiers (and their spouses) to executives, lawyers, nurses, teachers, human services professionals and students. Our fun, experiential, and research-based programs will leave your leaders with concrete tools they can put to use immediately both at home and at work.



Sometimes your leaders need one-to-one support to develop the skills they need to lead effectively. Research shows that the effects of a leader’s burnout often spillover to his or her team, causing a ripple effect. Paula provides individualized and small group coaching programs to give your leaders the tools they need for more resilience and engagement and less burnout.


Book Paula to Speak

Paula Davis-Laack is an internationally recognized burnout and resilience expert who has taught resilience skills to thousands of professionals around the world. Her unique blend of research, personal experience, energy, and stories makes her speaking and teaching engaging and inspiring.


If you are interested in talking to Paula about how these trainings might benefit your organization or would like to hire her to speak, please contact her at (414) 477-8697 or via the contact form below:

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